And if you still have too many books…

If after filling your little lending library with books you still have too many, check out this fantastic site: Bookshelf Porn. Some of them are wicked amazing, others mediocre, but here’s a sampling of my favorites that they have pulled.

And I promise, I’ll get back to the reviews shortly. I’ve been stomping my way through the Kingkiller trilogy while simultaneously trying to juggle roommates.


  1. timberbookshelves

    Wait, wait, what does too many books mean? “little library”? Just different perspectives, and I appreciate the thought being provoked. May I come back to you on this? Needs more thought.

    • Rebecca Demarest

      Well…if you lose your cat in the stacks of books, it may be time to organize. Or if you go to move and the movers refuse to move one more box of book because they’ve all thrown their backs our on the preceding boxes. Situations like that 😀

      • timberbookshelves

        Guilty of the gentle madness. I would keep them if I had to post avalanche warnings. Smaller boxes for the movers perhaps?

    • Rebecca Demarest


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