Two More Reviewers Loved Undeliverable!

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So, a while back you heard me crowing about my excellent Kirkus review, but now I have two more people who loved my book! I can’t tell you how excited I am to keep hearing this kind of feedback…

Portland Book Review:
“Demarest’s writing is sharp and witty. Her book is a great read with a bit of social conscience. While I was reading, I felt as if Demarest was taking me on a wild ride, a ride that I enjoyed and met a bunch of cool people along the way. From Gertrude to Sylvia – the characters are a great group of people. Benjamin faces struggles throughout the investigation, but in the end…well, read it and I think that you will enjoy it as much as I did.” (Full Text Here)

San Francisco Book Review:
“This is a well-plotted, well-written story — its central metaphor of lost mail for a lost child creative and poignant. Ben channels his frustration with his inability to find his child to reconnecting mail to its intended recipient — efforts often similarly futile. The details of the “mail recovery system” and history of the mail service, in general, are actually interesting. Most topics are inherently interesting, when gone into with enough depth and clarity. The details of the detective work that Ben does in his search are actually more thorough and systematic than that of the professional police detectives. Riveting. There is peace, if no real happy endings, at the resolution of the story for both Ben and Sylvia, both tragic figures who have experienced loss.” (Full Text will be online by April)


Oh the Irony…

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It is almost time for the launch of Undeliverable! And in preparation of this, I have been sending copies of the book hither and yon in an effort to cultivate reviews, and, as is expected when one has sent over 200 packages in the last three months, a few of them have gone astray. One was even gutted by a piece of machinery and the envelope returned to me sans contents. Two weeks later, what should arrive, but the contents! (Ms. Vejo, your book is back in the mail now!)

Oh the Irony

The irony of the fact that my book passed through the very center it takes place in, but no one appears to have even cracked it open is almost too much to bear. I think this means I must send a copy to them directly to read, what do you think folks?


RED ALERT! ACX is Getting Ready to Gouge Content Creators

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Red alert, everyone to battle stations! If you have been contemplating putting your work up through Amazon’s ACX for audiobooks, I’d start rethinking that plan or securing a contract IMMEDIATELY as their terms are changing.

Previously, content producers were offered a sliding scale of 50-90% of the royalties of their audiobooks, depending on how many sold. Starting in early March, that changes to a FLAT 40%. Period. To be split between you and your producer. Oh, and if you choose a non-exclusive contract so that you’re not locked into only being sold on Amazon, iTunes and Audible? You are only entitled to 25% royalties.

I personally find this entirely unacceptable and have already voiced my opinion to the company.  I encourage you to do the same. They are a distribution company and have done absolutely nothing to help develop the content they are selling. We have spent YEARS writing the content and the producers we partner with spend MONTHS creating the recordings. They have no right to take that much of the royalty. I might have been okay if they had announced that it was going to a simple flat royalty of 70% or possibly even 60%. But to take a majority, and a massive majority at that, of the royalty is absurd.

Here is the official announcement.

Here is where you should send your complaint:

Join me in showing Amazon that we will not go quietly into the night. Then join me in trying to secure distribution for audiobooks through an independent platform.

Pages are Live, Time to Review!

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Hey, all you wonderful party people who have been reading Undeliverable: If you have made it through the book, would you be kind enough to leave a review at one of these three sites, or, better yet, all the ones you have an account on? The more people we get talking about this book the better!


The print books are live now to purchase, the large-print will be available in a couple days, and the ebooks will be live on the 6th! We’ll get this party started right! You guys are amazing!

Breaking News!

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So, a couple months ago, I submitted Undeliverable to Kirkus Indie for a review, and, today, I just got that review back. This is the first time an independent source has reviewed my writing and…drum roll please…they loved it! Everything that I wanted to accomplish with the novel made it through, and the reviewers seems to have genuinely enjoyed the book. I cannot begin to tell you all how relieved I am.

“Engaging, inventive and full of feeling, Demarest’s debut engagingly addresses what we lose when we lose someone we love.” ~ Kirkus Review

You can read the full text here.

Campaign Update

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First thing, first, thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered Undeliverable, you’re my hero! We made our goal in the first 16 days of the campaign, which will let me get the book professionally formatted into an ebook. This also means that everyone who donates to the campaign, for any amount, will get a free ebook. $1, $5, whatever you want to contribute, I’ll be sending out ebooks just as soon as they’re ready!

But Halloween was this week, and we’ve celebrated the first milestone in the campaign, but here’s where things start to get really fun.

Celebrating meeting the milestone at our Halloween Party last weekend…no one knows how to party like Mary Poppins and Burt the Chimney Sweep!

If we can manage to reach $3,000 by the end of November, I’ll be able to afford to do an audiobook of Undeliverable, as well as pay to have Thea of Oz turned into a well-formatted ebook. For you guys, it means that if I make it there, you’ll get free Thea of Oz ebooks as well as free Undeliverable ebooks, regardless of your donation level, so get to sharing this campaign with your friends! Also share it to help you win yourself some signed artwork, it’s beautiful.


It’s also worth mentioning that my birthday is coming up and, if you were feeling so generous, you might make a birthday present out of your donation…

Indiegogo Update

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Thanks to those of you who have donated already, you’ve pushed me past the halfway mark! As of right now, I am at $625 and that means I only have to raise another $375 before everyone gets a digital copy of Undeliverable along with the swag from their pre-order level.


To this end, don’t forget to send the campaign to your friends and family! Anyone you think might enjoy a good read or support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Also, the more of your friends, coworkers, family, and pets that donate, the greater your chances of winning the signed prints from Thea of Oz!




Pre-order your copy of Undeliverable!

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So, this weekend, I launched the pre-order campaign for my novel, Undeliverable! It is nerve-wracking to be sure, but I promise to keep the updates to a minimum and only let you know when the truly exciting things are happening. As for the five people who have already donated (Chris, Joanna, Susan, Fritz, and Noah), thank you so, so much!

The goal of this campaign is to raise enough money mainly to market the book. Spots in the Kirkus Review are not cheap, nor is professional conversion to e-book formats. Thus, I come to you, dear readers, hoping that you can chip and help defray those costs!

The campaign is running for the next month, so, even if you can’t place your order now, maybe you can place it as a birthday present to me on November 21st!