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Writing Prompt!

Your character is part of a collective consciousness, how do you handle that?

New story published!

My flash fiction piece, “Grimm’s Home for Geriatric Fae“has gone live over at Fantasy Scroll Magazine! Its the first ever piece of short fiction I was actually paid for, so be sure to check it out! If you want to support this fabulous journal, you can purchase this issue, or even subscribe! Hope you enjoy!

Writing Prompt!

Carver’s books use a basic scientific concept (chaos-theory) to spring his entire plot from. Pick a scientific concept and use it as the basis for your own plot.

Writing Prompt!

Your character is having a reunion weekend with their best friends from ages ago. What do they reminisce about and what kind of trouble do they get in?

My New Project is Up and Running!

As some of you may have heard, I’ve got a new project called The Speculative Craft, and the first round of content is finally up! Come check it out, and remember, you can always Get Involved!

An Interview with Tamora Pierce

This is my World Now: Calming the World Building Terrors by Elizabeth Mae Lewis

A Spotlight on Black Treacle

To Review or Not Review

I hadn’t been aware of this until recently, but, apparently, there is a problem with ‘review bullying’ on places like Amazon and Goodreads whereby authors and fellow reviewers suffer at the hands of angry people and trolls who use the review section as their bully pulpits. The most recent and egregious example would be a young romance author that received multiple one star reviews before her book was even out with people heaping on the abuse, including rape and death threats. And, when this story went public, a lot of people rallied around her, but there were still a bunch of people who continued to heap on the abuse in reaction to her supporters. As of now, this author has declined to publish her book…ever.

Now, there are two groups rallying around authors to try and stop this kind of behavior: Horror Writers Association and a petition signed by many high-profile authors. The two groups, however, are taking radically different approaches to the solution of this problem.

HWA has proposed, in an open letter to Bezos at Amazon, that they update their policies in regards to flagging and removing reviews that

  • indicates the customer has not read the book, but only a small portion of it, such as a free electronic sample;
  • includes spoilers which, once revealed, could significantly reduce interest in the work;
  • includes negative personal remarks about the author; and/or
  • is focused on the work’s price rather than its content.

The petition, on the other hand, is calling for an end to anonymity in Amazon reviews, allowing only people who had verified their identity to be allowed to post reviews. They feel this will remove the mask of anonymity that most trolls thrive behind and lead to more honest reviews.

After reading the evidence and the various commentaries, I have to say that I think HWA is headed in the right direction, and the petition is entirely wrong. The anonymity of the internet not only allows more freedom of expression (sometimes for the worse) it also protects users. I choose, on forums like Reddit, to use my real name as I also promote my writing on that site and it would be easy enough to figure out who I was anyway. But there are people who have difficult personal histories who may not want someone to stumble across their review of a book or product and then be able to find them. The petition is reactionary and not entirely thought out. By trying to stem the trolls in this manner, they are also punishing people who do not feel safe in having their identities hanging out there for all to see.

Thankfully, at this point, I have not suffered any of the kinds of abuses other authors have, but I know in due time I will receive those scathing and vitriolic comments and reviews. I hope when this happens, Amazon and Goodreads will have updated their policies to better enforce a community which protects the content creators from the angry people who are only there to make trouble and try and tear other people down.

Taking a short break…

Hey guys, I’ve got two weeks before Undeliverable launches, which means I’m working my fingers to the bone networking and creating marketing campaigns, so I haven’t had time to read lately, which means I have no books to review at the moment. I’ll make sure you always have writing prompts on Friday though! I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled reviews after things calm down a bit.

Undeliverable Update

Most if not all of my supporters should have received their copies of Undeliverable by now, as evidenced by this wonderful picture one of said supporters posted of them reading my book.


See, see, that’s my book she is reading! How exciting…

If you haven’t gotten your book yet or are having trouble downloading your digital copy, please let me know! I will be getting the digital copy of Thea of Oz ready for distribution early next month, so watch out for that as well.

Speaking of Thea, I have a lot of copies left if anyone wants to snag one! $10 will get you a signed copy shipped right to your front door.

Undeliverable will be going on sale the first week of March, so if you like it, spread the word! I’ll let you guys know when its profile is active on Amazon and Goodreads so you guys can all go post reviews! You’re the best.


It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and my wishlist includes one thing:


People pre-ordering my novel! Or, at the very least, sharing my campaign with the world through facebook, twitter, pinterest, and every other last networking community on the planet. Here, I’ll even make it easy on you. Copy and paste:

My friend wrote an awesome novel and now you can preorder it! It’s only $1 for an ebook!

And, if we make it to 2k, everyone gets ebooks of Thea of Oz as well! Let’s see if we can do it!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have already donated, you’re the best!

Ask Me Anything!

Hey guys! I’m over on Reddit’s r/books all day today answering questions about Undeliverable, the pre-order campaign, my life as a writer/illustrator, or anything else you’d like to know! They don’t call it “Ask Me Anything” for nothing after all…

Stop on by to join the conversation!

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