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I know I said I’d be back in a week. Turns out I didn’t write anything for nearly four weeks. I’m sorry, I apologize, but life was just getting in the way. I’m back now!

I owe you guys a couple flash fictions from before I gave up and stopped writing until life calmed down, so we’ll get to those. I also have a bunch of book reviews for ya’ll and I will write just as fast as my fingers can go.

In the meantime, my brother started up a blog as well, The Life of the Story. He’s having fun and putting out some good posts while he’s home from college, you should take a look!

Back in a week

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I’m sorry posts have been terribly sporadic, but I’m in the midst of the great roommate swap: two moving out, one moving room, then two moving in. And you wouldn’t believe the amount of cleaning and fussing that has to go along with that. Soooo…I’ll get you new posts sometime after the 11th. Maybe a couple before that too. But this weekend I’m going to Florida to take a small break from all the ruckus and maybe actually get to read something…

These Are Your Kids on Books

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This image has been burning through the internets the last few days, and I think it’s just awesome:

These are your kids and these are your kids on books.

What most people miss is that this image is advocating Burning Through Pages, an awesome non-profit to encourage children to read. Check them out and give them encouraging words, or, if you feel moved to, donate to help them spread books to kids! We will teach them to dream, and achieve, the impossible dreams.

A Rant By…Not Against…Comic Sans

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I just had to take a moment and share with you all an amazing little monologue published by McSweeney’s called I’m Comic Sans, Asshole (Click the red title to read the monologue). After taking a few publishing classes, I found that I am a moderate typographile, but nowhere near the die-hard typographist that some people are. And there are some unfortunate fonts that bear the brunt of their wrath–Comic Sans and Papyrus being two prime examples.

And yes, some of these fonts are over-used, or unimaginative. I get that. But why do people get so upset at these poor fonts? They have served us well over the years, particularly on school reports. I have a roommate that gets irrationally irate whenever he see Papyrus, so I tend to drop it in front of him whenever I can.

But then there are fonts, like Helvetica, that are lauded beyond all fonts. In fact, they have whole snooze-inducing documentaries about them!

But these lauded, stripped down fonts are boring. Yes, it’s fantastically useful and readable for signs and menues and all of that, but when you want to give your project some oomf, and are completely font illiterate, Comic Sans and Papyrus are not criminal offenses.

Basically, I think while you are free to love whatever fonts you love, and dislike whatever fonts you dislike, just remember that I am going to laugh my ass off whenever you get your panties in a twist over a font that is basically indistinguishable from others. And I will do my best to put it in front of you whenever I can.

But, if you’re tired of the basic fonts on your machine, check out a site like Dafont for some free alternative fonts. Of course, they may not be quite as refined as the over-used fonts on your machine (Here’s looking at you, Times New Roman), but they can be fun from a design point of view.

Writing Prompt #10

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Before I get to the prompt for this week, let me remind you that you can share your responses to the prompt either in the comments on this post, or in the comments on my response. If your response to the prompt is too long, let me know in the comments and we’ll get it posted as a regular post!

First of all, GO PATS! Now that that is out of the way, here’s your prompt:

Parties are a standard scenic device in writing. They can bring characters together, drive them apart, or set them at each other’s throats. Your characters find themselves at some party (birthday, wedding, divorce, superbowl, halloween) and something interesting happens. Remember to use action as well as dialog and make it unpredictable! (But of course, still believable…)

Giving books

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Found the coolest charity this week, and it was being advertised on Hulu (of all places to advertise reading…) It’s called World Reader and it’s goal is to promote literacy around the world. They do this through donations of digital readers to third world classrooms. And before you get your panties in a twist, your donation also includes a solar charger for the unit.

I personally think this is a great idea, expanding access to educational tools around the world. You can make a difference in a young child’s life here by giving them access to the books that can change their lives.

Photo curtesy of worldreader.org

Merry Christmas Looting

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Well, it’s after Boxing Day and our Christmas Loot has been tallied. I got some awesome books this year, including 2107 Curious Word Origins, Sayings, & Expressions from White Elephants to a Song & Dance by Charles Earle Funk, 1Q84 by Murakami, Blacksad by Canales and Guarnido, and Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut. I’m very much looking forward to getting to these, which are now at the top of a very long list of things to read, but what was your favorite literary present this year, or of all time? Share in the comments!

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