I have been working with the Adobe design software Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator since 2003. I currently spend my days drawing technical diagrams and illustrations for a software publishing company, as well as converting their manuscripts to Indesign books. I am the art director on two long-running projects, the Seattle Play Series and Dark Skull Publications, I have worked on a couple literary journals, and I have designed and laid out several books, one of which won the Committee Choice Award for trade design at the New England Book Show in 2014.

If you need someone to help you figure out how to convey technical data or layout your books, I have competitive rates and truly love the work. See below for examples of my designs. I am also more than happy to design promotional materials (posters, postcards, invitations) that you may need to help promote your work. Below is a full list of my design experience, as well as links to a few of the products. If you would like more examples, or would like to hire me to help you present your work in the best light possible, please contact me.

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Award Winning Designs

Art Director

Personal Design Projects

Freelance Design Projects