Here come the elves!

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Cleanse Fire, the first book of the Kinir Elite chronicles by Anastasia V. Pergakis, is a fun new take on a classic genre: high fantasy. By this, I mean the tradition of J.R.R and Dragonlance, but with an added dash of military thriller. In Cleanse Fire, the Elves we are introduced to are part of an elite fighting squadron known as the Kinir Elite; they may look like gorgeous elves, but they fight like Marines.

Some bad-ass elves here...

But enough set-up, here’s the meat. The plot is engaging, and calls to mind some of the military thrillers of Dan Brown (no, not Angels and Demons, but the Scarecrow series, much better stuff) as well as the fantasy styling of Dragonlance. The characters themselves have complex backgrounds and are not the simple one dimensional critters you sometimes find in fantasy novels that rely solely on their mythical race to provide depth. These characters are full-fledged characters.

The only negatives come in the mechanics of the writing, and those I think can be chalked up entirely to the fact that this is the first of what is sure to be a fun series. The plot and characters are enough to carry you over the rough spots, that’s for sure; and, as the stories continue, I know the writing is going to mature wonderfully.

Though one of the best aspects of the whole thing? Part of the cover price goes to charity. That’s right, a portion of each sale goes to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity dedicated to supporting wounded veterans. That in itself is totally worth the $4.99 Kindle price, where it is available now. Hardcopy books are available starting on December 21st.

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