Thanks to all of you who have been participating in the weekly writing prompts. As a reminder, anyone can participate! Just drop your response in the comments below…

Since this is writing prompt #21, let’s talk about coming of age stories. In older times, there were very distinct and specific rituals surrounding children’s coming of age: their first menses, their first hunt, being presented to society. Today, we still have coming of age rituals. I’d argue that one of the most prevalent American tradition is going drinking on your 21st birthday (in most states). It is the final age barrier (except for renting cars) and so it is celebrated in due form.

Your challenge today will be to illustrate a coming of age ritual–either real or imagined. Did your family have specific rituals around certain ages or events? Do you wish they did? Does a character of yours face particularly challenging rituals in their culture? Let the coming of age begin!

Image from the movie Walkabout